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MagSafe Phone Holders Mounts

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MagSafe Phone Mounts are also magnetic car mounts. They are designed for devices that support MagSafe technology, mainly the latest Apple iPhones. Holding the equipment in the holder is possible, thanks to the magnetic force created between the iPhone and the MagSafe holder. This ensures that the phone sits stably in the holder and in an unchanging position. MagSafe technology also promotes wireless charging once the phone is instantly positioned on the holder. iOttie's MagSafe accessories from the Velox Wireless series support Qi charging, so your iPhone won't drain while on the go.

Magnetic mount for iOttie phone with MagSafe

In the store we have created a separate product section of MagSafe magnetic holders. These are high-end products, equipped with modern technology that bases its operation on magnetic force. Magnets built inside an iPhone or other device with MagSafe connect with their counterparts in the car holder. As a result, they form an unbreakable connection, holding even the large iPhone 13 Pro Max in a stable position.

The mounts from iOttie's MagSafe are designed in a modern style. Devoid of unnecessary decorations and elements, they resemble a flat plate that fits into the interior of any car. Magnetic mounts are mainly Velox series, which is characterized by total minimalism. This also applies to the shape. These magnetic holders are accessories of extremely small size.

Car Holder with MagSafe

The Car Holder with MagSafe allows you to maintain a stable, unchanging position of your iPhone throughout the trip. This is made possible by the MagSafe technology that the latest iPhones are equipped with. This system makes charging efficient, and finding the optimal charging position is done automatically. Using the mount with MagSafe does not require cables or additional components. In the case of a car mount, this refers to the arms that are usually present in a car mount. They hold the device on both sides, sometimes also from the bottom. Until recently, a holder without these parts was something unimaginable. Nowadays, a holder that holds the phone by the force of magnets, firmly connects the Apple phone to the accessory.

One of the iconic products with MagSafe is the iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless, which uses MagSafe technology to instantly seat the phone in the holder and for wireless charging. It mounts to the grille and provides up to 7.5 watts of power to quickly and efficiently charge your phone's battery.