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iOttie Mounts Holders

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iOttie mounts are some of the most popular premium phone holders. They are high-quality accessories that fit the needs of almost every driver. In their creation, we are guided primarily by durability, practical solutions to make everyday life easier and modern design. We offer iOttie car mounts, divided by series according to functionality and compatibility with given phone models: iOttie Easy One Touch and in the Wireless verion, iOttie Velox, Ottie Auto Sense, iOttie iTap Magnetic, iOttie iTap Wireless. 
Some of them offer Qi wireless charging, others are available for iPhones with MagSafe, while others are universal phone mounts that will be suitable for both an Apple iPhone and an Android smartphone.

iOttie Mounts

iOttie Mounts are accessories that have been known in the market for more than 10 years for their solid, practical phone holder solutions. They are dozens of products that thousands of customers have come to love. As they state themselves: Once you've tested an iOttie mount, you don't want to go back to cheaper counterparts. Designed to make everyday travel easier and precisely made, they make the longest journey a pleasure and remain as a pleasant memory for a long time. What's more, iOttie mounts ensure safety on the road. Kept as small as possible, they don't take up much space and don't restrict freedom of movement. They are easy to install and remove, which saves your time and does not put your patience to the test. You place your phone in the iOttie mount easily and efficiently, like a series of Easy One Touch Wireless - applying the device to the holder, its arms automatically tighten, ensuring a stable position. Almost every iOttie product features ease of use, for the sake of safety while traveling.

iOttie mounts for every car

iOttie phone mounts are accessories maintained in a minimalist style and modern design, a great example is iOttie Velox. They are devoid of additional decorations and unnecessary elements that can unnecessarily take up space. They are equipped only with the necessary elements that can provide a stable position for your phone. Modernity refers to both appearance and functionality. iOttie phone holders are designed by a group of designers, who strive to ensure that each product has an ergonomic shape and with its appearance fits into the interior of your car.

iOttie phone holders

The possibilities that iOttie phone holders provide in practice are comfort and safety in the car. A long trip is not always a pleasure, so think about solutions that will make it pass quickly. Our phone holders will keep your phone in a stable, unchanging position, charge your phone so that when you reach your destination you can use your phone freely - that's what the iOttie Auto Sense series. They will make you get rid of unnecessary cables, thanks to Qi wireless charging. They will make it possible to talk hands-free, through headphones or via Bluetooth. All these factors will maximize your safety and convenience when driving.

In our store you will also find iOttie car phone mounts: Dashboard, windshield, air vent, Bike mounts, iPhone mounts, Samsung mounts  and MagSafe holders. Get to know all of our offerings!