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iPhone Mounts Apple Holders

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iPhone mounts by iOttie are high-end accessories designed for Apple phones. These are phone holders for the car to support comfortable and safe driving. In the store you will find mounts for iPhone 14, 13,12 and for older models of Apple iPhone. This is a wide selection of products with features tailored to your needs. You can choose from windshield and cockpit mounts, grille mounts, CD slot lb cup holder. You can easily find a place in your car for an accessory that will help you navigate and reach your destination efficiently.

Apple iPhone phone mounts

When driving, an Apple iPhone phone mount is the perfect support for the driver. It keeps your iPhone in a stable position, allows full visibility and increases the level of comfort, which is very important when spending many hours behind the wheel. The iPhone holder is a good solution for professional drivers, for travelers, salespeople and people who frequently drive. Even if you don't use your phone as navigation, it's usually difficult to find a suitable place for your Apple phone. Therefore, in order to ensure the full safety of your travel, get to know iPhone mounts that will turn driving into a pleasure.

We have prepared a full range of products dedicated to Apple phones, buy here:

  • iPhone 13 mount (Pro Max, Pro, Mini),
  • iPhone 14 mount (Pro Max, Pro, Plus),
  • iPhone 12 mount (Pro Max, Pro, Mini),
  • iPhone 11 mount  (Pro Max, Pro).

We have many phone mounts also for older models of Apple phones, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and iPhone XR.

iPhone mounts by iOttie

By placing your iPhone in an iOttie holder, you don't have to look for your phone if it rings while driving-you always have it in sight. It sits in a stable, unchanging position, regardless of road obstructions. Your iPhone will stay in the holder as long as you don't remove it yourself. And you can count on extremely fast placement and removal of your iPhone from this accessory. With the Easy One Touch series, you use the mount with one hand.
The wide range of products offered by the store also includes holders with inductive charging, ensuring that your phone's power is supplied while you're on the go. These are also holders dedicated primarily to Apple phones, namely MagSafe mounts, which, with the help of modern technology, keep your phone in the holder without additional cables. Series with wireless charging are available.

You can use the iOttie iPhone mount with a case, regardless of the type. Adjustable arms, allow you to adjust the size of the accessory to the size of your Apple phone.


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